AracKhan Wars - The Card Game (Phalanx Pledge)

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AracKhan Wars is a Tactical Card Game where 2 players battle for dominance in Epic Duels.
Take control of a province of AracKhan and defy your opponent on the Battlefield !! Launch the assault with your army of 23 cards! Cast spells! Place your cards wisely and counter the plans of your opponent. Your skills as a strategist will be as critical as the value of your cards. There can be only one victor at the end of 9th and final round!

Game Mechanics Synthesis:
  • 2 players will compete, each will choose a deck color, they will build their 23 card deck, with a maximum value of 125 points.
  • The decks must be properly shuffled, this will constitute your pile.
  • Unless the players are dueling on a mat, they will define a game zone that will become the Battlefield.
  • In AracKhan Wars, on the Battlefield every card placed face down (during the Placement Phase) or moved (during the Activation Phase) must be or end its movement, adjacent to another card.
  • Adjacent meaning bordering one of the 4 edges of an ally or enemy card and in an available space.
  • After the end of the 9th round, each player adds the values on the cards present on the Battlefield with a token of his or her color. The player with the highest added values wins the game.

AracKhan Wars features the artworks of the following artists:
Aaron Florento, Angga Dwipanaya, Adam Gleba, Ekaterina Poliakowa, Gabrielle Ragusi, Anastassia Grigorieva, Milica Celikovic, Ramon Puasa JR, JB Casacop, Elie Rigault, Adam Gleba, CJ Centeno, Brian Valeza, Andrew Chou, Pandu Mahardika, Joshua Raphael, Le Rastislav, Marve Bärg, Ryan Van Dongen, Narendra B Adi, Ferdinand Ladera, Alexander Kozachenko, Inna Vjuzhanina, Ramza Ardyputra, Vlad Botos, Leo Aveiro, Rafael Gorniak.

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