Apogee: A New Space Tale (Deluxe Pledge)

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The space conquest no longer serves the sole political motivation. For several decades, a private spaceflight industry has emerged, operating independently of governments. Develop spaceflight faster, cheaper, meet commercial challenges, this new movement is the New Space.

And it’s in the shoes of a CEO that you’re going to develop your own rocket, and maybe win this new age of space entrepreneurship. Several tasks will await you, recruit Engineers, develop Technologies, and build your rocket in the hope to launch this mass of several tons over 100km from the ground, beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Conquering the sky will require time, careful management by your engineers and the funds invested in this project. You will also have to keep an eye on your opponents, who will do everything to achieve this feat before you.

Apogee is a management card game, with an emphasis on fluidity and interaction between players. All participants are always in action and focused on the game's progress.

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