18Magyarország (Base Pledge)

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18Mag is an 18xx game that tells the story of Hungarian railroads and their supporting companies.

Depending on the player number, 13 different railway companies are  drafted equally between the players. These railways operate in numerical  order, build track on the map, erect stations, run their trains and  always pay out their earnings 50:50 – half to their owners and half into  their own treasury.

Beside those operating railroads, seven other companies offering  various services for the railroads are included in the game. Examples of  these services are building an extra tile, allowance to run freely over  small stations, reduce costs when building bridges and tunnels, and  most importantly, offer new trains. Whenever a railroad uses the  services of one or more of these companies, they pay their fee into  their treasury. In stock rounds, players acquire shares of those  companies and after operation rounds, they distribute their earnings  among the share holders. These companies also have station markers (or  in this case: factories) which can be placed on city tiles (instead of  railway stations) by the president of the company, thus denying other  companies passage through that city.

Contrary to other 18xx games, all trains are available from the  beginning. Because of the pricing, they usually come in the accustomed  order, but not necessarily! However, trains do not rust  or go obsolete,  but they may be scrapped voluntarily to make space for bigger trains.  When the first 6-train is sold, one more set of operation rounds is  played and then the game ends. As usual in 18xx games, the wealthiest  player is the winner.

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