We have established a direct to retail sales program at TGG Games! 

If any retail store owner wants to carry TGG Games titles in their store it's easy.  Please E-Mail mandy@tgg-games.com and she will get you setup.  We have global access, and can get games to you almost anywhere!  The retail direct program benefits include:

  • Earlier release dates on selected titles!
  • NET 15/30/60
  • Demos at 30% of MSRP!
  • You can chat with the team anytime!

All our games will also be available at GTS Distribution, our preferred partner in the United States.  If you have any issues grabbing an account, shoot us a note and we will help you out as best we can!

Legal / Boring Stuff -

TGG Games titles are only permitted to be sold in brick and mortar retail stores, and online stores hosted from those brick and mortar stores.   We are funded and derived from home grown retail across the United States.   Amazon, eBay, and other 3rd party websites are prohibited.  

TGG Games has established Minimum Advertised Prices for all its games.

The Minimum Advertised Price is the lowest amount a retailer may display to consumers in online storefronts or email communications for TGG Games products while purchasing those products from an authorized distributor or direct. If a retailer consistently displays a price below the Minimum Advertised Price policy in online storefronts or email communications, that retailer will be given only one warning before removal from the program/distribution. 

TGG Games also considers retailers who participate in group ordering and similar promotions to be in similar violation.

The Minimum Advertised Price policy exists to ensure that TGG Games can protect the integrity and value of its brand. This policy applies to advertised prices.

TGG Games products are all at a blanketed 100% MAP policy, but we will update stores with changes to the policy if needed.   Thank you!