Inside the Box Games - (Peter Blenkharn) Peter posted on an industry forum for retail stores/publishers that they are openly stealing all the deposits and payments from retail stores.   When I PM'd him and his company VIA E-Mail/Social Media we were blocked on all channels and the monies was not refunded.  We are very excited to meet Peter in person to retrieve our monies from him.  ;)

Kayenta Publishing (Obsession) - Order was placed for X36 ALL-IN copies, and the publisher guaranteed the copies on all 3 communication channels.  We had to use 3 different channels because the publisher ghosted us.  Then when the game arrived in the US he refused to sell us the copies.

Tee Turtle (Here to Slay) - Retail ordered during the campaign, and locked order quantity in E-Mail confirmation.   Sent 7 communications to 5 different people to get the invoice, and was ghosted for 3 months.   Invoice ended up coming after 20 individual communications were sent, and the the bill was for regular consumer prices.   Their response was, "We are very low on copies and can't accommodate you now."

Lords of Vegas 10th Anniversary Edition (Lone Shark) - Probably the most bizarre series of events of the 700 Kickstarter campaigns we have supported.  We sent in the retail ping super early on in the campaign, and the request was received and acknowledged.   We then waited months and months, pinging every 2 months with a basic request of receiving an invoice.  Every communication with the publisher has been extremely arrogant and off-toned, and we were never invoiced.   Then the publisher announced that thousands of copies of the game just 'vanished' in thin air, and their point of contact was still extremely arrogant and off-putting to my team.  The point of contact also had a very hard time digesting the feedback given to him after everything was said and done.  Very bizarre on all accounts!