Lorcana Trading Card Game - Deposit (Las Vegas Valley Address Required)



1 - There is no world that exists that involves this product not being allocated at the publisher level. Meaning, distribution will put in an order for a million boxes and will get X,000 boxes. There is no world that exists that stores will not be allocated on this product. We submitted for 1,000,000 boxes, and the allocation number has absolutely 0 reference to the amount ordered.
2- 2/3 largest distributors in the United States ARE NOT CARRYING this product line. So we are max ordering but have no real leverage with a few of these companies because there is no reason to ever use them for anything. I am assuming the terms Ravensburger requested weren't ideal for those partners.
3 - No one, under any circumstance will know the market price of any of this product when it releases. So we will be doing a deposit system for ordering. You can put down an amount of monies for the product, and then apply it to product when it releases.
4 - Our pricing on the day it lands will be 15% UNDER TCG PLAYER market price. 99% of US stores will price it at market price, and if we go lower it will just be a scalping issue which we want to avoid.
5 - The first 2 weeks of pre-orders will be open only to Las Vegas locals and PLGS VIPS only; and pre-orders will be placed on hold when $100,000 is collected. Any product we receive over $100,000 will be available for sale on the day of release.

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