Premium Local Game Store - National Rollout

Premium Local Game Store – TGG Rollout  (Imported)

This is the official announcement for The Gaming Goat’s new retail format ‘Premium Local Game Store!’   PLGS is a store format that has been tested for 12 months in our retail store on Las Vegas BLVD. The format encompasses everything you expect from a full process TGG location plus many other added benefits!

Supply Chain.   We spent an entire calendar year digging deep into game acquisition and sourcing at its root levels.   In 2019 alone TGG group sourced over 265 games that normalized distribution patterns won’t be able to obtain.   The rights to these games were acquired through Kickstarter campaigns and relationships with direct order publishers across the world.   In this process we gained a great relationship with 187 other new publishers that we didn’t have access to in 2018! Insanity, right?

And what does this mean for you?  With the new sourcing strategy, we are nationally launching the ‘Kickstarter to Retail’ program in all of our PLGS designated locations.  We offer retail discounts on 99% of them with no shipping charges!  You can sit back and relax, knowing that some random publisher in the middle of Europe won’t drop a $300 Kickstarter on your door when you’re on vacation, either.  

  • Insane savings.
  • No hassle.
  • We track and manage the pledges/shipping status for you.

Why is this good for the game industry?   We reach everyone. An extremely large demographic of consumers won’t touch games that are a hassle to acquire.   We not only purchase a large portion of the campaigns total sourced funding, but we display games, on arrival, in our beautiful, retail focused PLGS stores.  These are some of the most expensive, high traffic stores in the world. Great for cross branding and promotion! 

Lastly, is there a game that you need sourced that hasn’t been added to our master list on a marketing blast?   Ping me directly and we will source it for you! 

VIP Program. In the last 10 years, this is the most frequently asked topic.   And the time is here! This program has gone through a lot of testing and TGG owner discussions.  We first unveiled it at our Q1 Las Vegas owners retreat, where it was met with great excitement, all around.   Here are the details:

  • Metal VIP cards (See photo)
  • Complimentary Drinks at your local PLGS location
  • Access to the Kickstarter VIP program (See owner for details)
  • Supplies heavily discounted for games purchased
  • Quarterly “VIP Day” special access

At TGG we have worked very hard to identify the downfalls of the majority of the game stores that follow the traditional ‘Friendly Local Game Store’ direction.   Our normal business models work effectively in any market, but the PLGS format is something extra to provide our customers everyday. The FLGS model is one we call ‘paint by number’ internally.  This means that the store owners are guided by publishers, distributors, and their own personal opinions in a manner that is usually self defeating for the end consumer. The mentality behind PLGS solves all the inherent issues that plague the majority of local game stores.

Issues with the ‘Friendly Local Game Store’ business model –

  • The mindset that, because a certain individual owns a game store, customers should automatically support them.   Long story short – There isn’t hardly any personal sacrifice built into running a small business that is fueled by your passion.   No one owes game store owners anything. The support that customers give is based on the value you provide them and nothing else.
  • 90% of FLGS stores don’t have product equity in their locations to actually service the customer base.  This model revolves around special ordering products that consumers need, even though the products should be in stock in the first place.   These locations run a very low product equity/square footage ratio. The biggest violators of this nationally are the organized play locations with 2,000 + SF.   In these locations specifically, ownership puts the onus of the stores’ survival on providing play area in exchange for customers special ordering product (Usually at MSRP) rather than having an actual retail store.  Even though this model doesn’t work with educated consumer bases, owners stick to this formula because publishers give incentives to stores for running organized play.
  • A lot of store owners and their staff aren’t actually friendly or welcoming.  The idea that having a game store model automatically creates an environment based on being friendly isn’t always accurate!   In the last decade, store owners have become slightly more normalized with in-store vibe control, but it’s still a major issue nationally.  
  • 95% of FLGSs crowd source less than 2% of the games that are absolutely must-have from any supply chain standard.   If these games were available through the ‘paint by number’ distribution patterns, they would carry them, no questions asked.  But, because game sourcing requires additional efforts, these stores don’t bother.   
  • Negativity attached to online sales channels such as Amazon, Cool Stuff Inc, and Miniature Market.  The reason why many publishers exist is because of the sales volume created from online sellers. Competing with online sellers isn’t difficult in the slightest, but it’s always been a huge scapegoat for FLGS format stores.

In the coming months, we will be working to get all TGG locations formatted to the PLGS business model.   Until then, we will be posting a master list of locations, nationally, that are supporting the program! This program isn’t a change for all TGG stores.  Our model has always been providing insane value and immense selection to everyone.  This is just another layer of icing on the cake for our educated consumers.

If anyone has questions or wants information on owning your own TGG location, ping me anytime!   Cheers!

- Jeff Bergren (CEO/President – The Gaming Goat Inc)

Participating locations in the United States –

Las Vegas, NV (TownSquare)

Phoenix, AZ –

Phoenix 2, AZ -

Denver, CO –

Austin, TX –

Elmhurst, IL –

Cincinatti, OH –

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