Artem Safarov joining the TGG Games design team!

Jeff Bergren
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TGG Games would like to officially announce a collaboration with Artem Safarov to keep growing the TGG Games catalogue!   Artem has had a storied designer career, which started with Cauldron in 2015, and grew with the most backed solo game of all time on Kickstarter. Unbroken when it was released in 2018, after more than 16,500 backers supported its Kickstarter campaign.



It is a well-documented fact that the fulfillment of the Unbroken campaign has been plagued by a host of issues and we truly feel bad for all the backers who are still without their game. This does not stop us from appreciating Artem’s work as a designer and our excitement to work with him on a new project as TGG Games progresses to being the largest solo game publisher in the world.

Speaking to Artem, I was immediately convinced that he cared a great deal for the Unbroken backers.   After such a monster success, and creating one of the most defining solo games, there were so many difficulties in getting Unbroken to the people that supported the campaign. As the efforts to deliver outstanding Unbroken games around the work continue, I wanted TGG Games to be part of this redemption story, and to contribute in concrete ways to the solution for Unbroken fulfillment. We agreed on all fronts, and now here we are!

At TGG Games we are thrilled to work with Artem to develop and publish a new solo game centered around the theme of redemption. The team will start developing this title toward the end of Quarter 1, with an estimated release date in 2022. To help the Unbroken situation along we were pleased to be able to offer a large sign-on bonus to Artem, which he will use in its entirety to bring the Unbroken fulfillment closer to the finish line. Artem made a point to be proactive with TGG Games to get this situation fixed. The core theme of this upcoming board game, redemption, definitely has a broader meaning for all of us and we can’t wait to get going. 

Thank you for the continued support as we grow TGG Games.   We are so stoked to work with Artem, and look forward to sharing more details with you as we develop this amazing title!


- Jeff Bergren (Owner - TGG Games)








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